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The next step is to identify practical tips to reduce your emissions. Many of these actions will have significant benefits to your bottom line as well. The emissions calculator includes specific tips related to each type of asset as part of the questionnaire.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) has been working with tourism operators to provide background information and real-life examples of changes that can be made to practices within marine tourism operations.  These case studies cover the following topics:

Get Certified

Ecotourism Australia, in collaboration with the GBRMPA, has developed the Climate Action Certification Program.  It is designed for all sectors of the tourism industry and for aligned businesses both large and small.  GBR Marine Park operators adopting Climate Action Certification will receive practical assistance in equipping themselves for both the impacts of climate change and to reduce their own contribution to greenhouse gas production.


Build climate change into your business planning.  Adopt a risk management approach which clearly illustrates alternative product and marketing strategies in the event of severe coral bleaching or other climate change impacts.

The GBRMPA is working with tourism stakeholders to identify alternative technologies and operational activities, management practices and policies that may enable them to better cope with the anticipated impacts of climate change.