Getting Started

Getting Started

Download the instruction manual (PDF 800kb) or follow the simple instructions below.

Terms 1.To begin, please read the Privacy Notice, which contains information about how GBRMPA intends to use the information you enter into this emissions calculator and your privacy rights.

2.Next, register yourself and your organisation.

Ensure you fill in all the mandatory questions which have an asterisk*.

There is also an opportunity to upload a picture or your logo to personalise your reports, although this can be done later.


3.Click on a picture to choose the asset type you would like to report on.

Next give that asset a name to identify it from all you other assets, e.g. 'Main Office' or 'Dive Shop'


4.Using the emission types shown, enter the data relevant for that particular asset in your business.

Leave the input box blank if it is not relevant.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the assets you are reporting on today.

More can be added later!

Worksheets to help you collate the required information are available here.


5.Using the tabs on the orange side you can review and submit Carbon Emission Reports, view the Factors used to calculate your emissions and see your Emissions Profile.

You can update Passengers numbers and create reports for different periods here too.


6.This calculator has been developed specifically for Tourism Operators.

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